A creative designer with over five years of experience. My focus is not just on creating beautiful & functional brands and Webflow websites, but on extracting the essence of your brand to create a website that truly represents your company's soul.

I understand that branding is often the first point of contact with your customers and fans. I aim to create an experience that makes sure they feel seen, heard, & cared for.
Cultivating a brand's essence through creative direction involves crafting a harmonious and captivating visual and verbal identity.

This includes defining the brand's personality, values, and objectives, and skillfully guiding the design and messaging of all brand assets, encompassing logos, packaging, advertising, and websites


Distinctive Branding is the art of crafting a memorable and exceptional brand identity that sets it apart from competitors.

This entails discovering a unique selling proposition and using it to forge a brand personality and visual identity that deeply connects with the target audience


This entails crafting websites that actively engage and respond to users, providing a dynamic and immersive experience.

By incorporating animations, hover effects, and user-triggered events, this approach fosters interactivity and responsiveness, elevating user engagement and retention to new heights.


Immersive web development is the art of designing websites that deliver a captivating and interactive user experience.

By employing innovative design and cutting-edge technology, it fosters an engaging and memorable journey for users, leading to increased engagement and conversions.

Immersive development

Through collaboration and careful attention to detail, I work with my clients to create an experience that not only looks great, but also accurately reflects their values, mission, and unique selling proposition.


As a Solo creative designer & Developer, I mostly work with clients & companies from brand to build.

The Process starts with onboarding and then moves into Extraction and ends with Execution.


During this process a very detailed workshop is completed. This allows me to learn more about the company, product, and market. The workshop will include topics like:

Mission, Vision + Purpose Statement
Target Personas
Visual Keywords
Core Values
After gaining a deeper understanding of the target audience, we begin the process of pulling the visual design together.

This will allow us to use things such as Color, Typography, Composition, and more to solve the problem. We may explore multiple art directions or we might hone in on one idea.
Once the appropriate direction is chosen I will begin the designing. This is where all the hard work and magic begin to come together.

I work closely with clients and users during this time to get the message across.


The beautiful brand is complete, we will move into applying the brand into an interactive experience. This will include:

UX Web Design
Visual Concepts


Breeona has taken the community by storm. She's worked so hard and has inspired so many people. Someone who's very easy to work with and has a mind that is beyond comprehension.

MElissa Mendez

owner Eurecah & Flowparty Founder

Breeona is the great one here! She knows how to take feedback in the best ways possible. She has a very professional attitude with everything she does, that's why I say she's definitely going places. Very creative, very skilled designer and web developer.

Diego Olivera

Freelancer & Lottie Expert

Bree’s brand and design style is bursting with the type of ideas that most creatives feel would be impossible with their skillset. What I’m saying is that she’s the kind of person that creates taste instead of curating it for others to catch up.

Devin Fountain


Bree is a rare breed of a highly creative thinker with an extremely organized mind. Not only she excels on bringing to life the most amazing creative designs, but she also does it sticking the brief with a follow along process that’s very enjoyable for the client. The delivery of the project is always flawless, on time and highly detailed in terms of documentation.

Maria Martins


Breeona is a breath of creative, fresh air. Any time I get an opportunity to connect with her, I leave inspired and learn something new. Thankful to call her a friend!

Brandon Herbel

owner of Bones & co.